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About Us

Realizing the need to promote counselling as a profession in Zambia, and in recognition of the important role of counselling in dealing with a multiplicity of health, psychosocial and environmental concerns, the Zambia Counselling Council was constituted to operate as an autonomous professional lead organization with a mandate to coordinate regulate and control counselling services, training of counsellors and research in counselling.

The principle underlying the establishment of the Zambia Counselling Council are; coordination and regulation of counselling training and practice; collaboration and cooperation with different organizations; and implementation of counselling activities based on justice, equality, respect, openness and trust. The Zambia Counselling Council shall respect and protect the rights of all registered individual members and affiliate institutions, the clients and other persons (including children and those with disabilities), and the cooperating partners.

To promote and strengthen the capacity of counselling in Zambia through coordination, multisectoral collaboration and international networking.


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